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    Clapham’s Go To Gutter Cleaning and Pressure Washing Service

    At Gutter Monkeys, we can help with all your gutter cleaning and repair needs in Clapham.


    From residential properties to commercial premises our gutter cleaners are fully trained in all types of guttering and downpipe systems and our specialists are used to tackling various types of drainage problems from every day basic blockages to cracked and damaged guttering requiring repair or full replacement.

    Our pressure washing service is also very popular with our Clapham Clients.

    • Gutter cleaning in Clapham
    • Gutter lining in Clapham
    • Gutter repair in Clapham
    • Residential gutter cleaning in Clapham
    • Commercial gutter cleaning in Clapham
    • Jet washing/pressure washing in Clapham
    • Patio and Deck Washing in Clapham 
    • Wall washing in Clapham
    • Garage washing in Clapham
    • Downpipe cleaning in Clapham
    • Downpipe repair and re configuration in Clapham


    Did you know it’s really important to look after your gutters, for the longevity of your home? Bad guttering and blocked or broken guttering or downpipes can lead to water getting into your property and causing extensive internal and external damage as well as creating noxious smells with stagnant water build up.  So, keeping your gutters free of leaks and blockages is imperative if you don’t want things to go wrong.  Trying to do this yourself could lead to further problems, especially when you don’t have the right equipment and tools for the job. Working at heights is also difficult to do safely without the correct training and equipment. We have all the gear to fix and repair your gutters to the highest standards so give us a call today!


    All of our residential gutter cleans will clean your gutters to the highest standard with minimal disruption to your home life.  We always get the job done efficiently and quickly leaving you with a top functioning gutter drainage system.


    We use GutterlieneR in all of our gutter lining.  It is so quick and easy to install there is no need for any structural work to your property. All of the lining is guaranteed for 25 years and BBA certified.


    • All of our quotes include materials and labour
    • 12 months guarantee on our works
    • 25 year guarantee on GutterlineR
    • All of our operatives are fully insured in health and safety

    Gutters should have a professional clean twice a year, but it is also recommended you try and keep your roof and gutters free of debris as much as possible.  When inspecting your gutters and roof it is really important you follow safety procedures.

    • Wear safety goggles
    • Don gloves
    • Wear non-slip shoes
    • Use a mask, especially if you’re sensitive to dust, pollen or allergies
    • Observe the correct ladder regulations
    • Be careful!


    Why do I need a professional gutter clean?

    Your guttering is vital in the drainage of your property so keeping it well maintained is a must.

    Can you clean all types of gutters?

    Yes of course.

    Do you clean down pipes?

    Yes as long as they are above ground.

    How do I know if my gutter needs repairing?

    You will often notice sagging or water overflow which is a sign they need some repairing. However, with some gutters they will need to be inspected and checked for any problems which is why it is always best to call the professionals.

    What happens if I don’t repair my gutters?

    An unchecked broken gutter can lead to a leaking roof and flooded basement, rotted wood, foundation cracks, insect infestations and driveway damage.

    Why Choose Us

    - The cleanest gutters in town -

    All our quotes include all materials and labour


    No hidden costs, transparent quotes.

    All our operatives are fully insured and trained in health and safety.

    Our Testimonials

    Read what our satisfied customers have to say

    • My gutters have been overflowing for months. Actually got used to the heavy noise of the waterfall outside my living room window. Life is so much better now I’ve got my peace and quiet back. Thank you, you little monkeys.

      Jade Durrel


    • My front gutter broke due to years of neglect. Fixed the same day, at a very reasonable price. Quick and professional, excellent.

      Thomas Painton


    • Just before putting my house on the market I had my gutters cleaned and the guys also cleaned my whole roof. House looks great. Over the moon.

      Gareth Jones


    Areas We Cover

    We carry out gutter cleaning, gutter lining, gutter repairs and jet washing services throughout London.

    These location are a selection of areas we cover. If your location is not listed here, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

    Please call 0203 105 5111 or email us at info@guttermonkeys.co.uk

    Locations :
    • Camden

    • Canary Wharf

    • Chelsea

    • City of London

    • Covent Garden

    • Docklands

    • Hammersmith

    • Ilford

    • Islington

    • Kensington

    • Lambeth

    • Liverpool Street

    • London Bridge

    • Mayfair

    • Shoreditch

    • Soho

    • Southwark

    • Stratford

    • Tottenham

    • Vauxhall

    • Westminster

    • Wimbledon

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